Electromagnetic Inventions

by Chris Yanez and Austin Attaway

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic induction is having voltage be sent through a conductor after coming in contact with a magnetic field.
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Alessandro Volta

Volta created the first battery. He made a voltaic pile constructed of alternating discs of zinc and copper. With pieces of cardboard soaked in brine between the metals. The voltaic pile produced electrical current. The metallic conducting arc was used to carry the electricity over a greater distance. This voltaic pile was the first battery. It produced a reliable, steady current of electricity.

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The Telegraph

The telegraph uses electromagnetic induction in order to send messages across wire with an electrical current. Claude Chappe invented the Telegraph in 1794.


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The Battery

The battery uses electromagnetic conduction by being a place to store electricity and later be used. This provides an easy source for electricity. Alessandro Volta created the battery in 1800.


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The Electric Motor

The electric motor uses electromagnetic induction to turn electric energy into mechanical energy. Which can be used in making many useful things. The first electric motor was created by Michael Faraday in 1821.


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Allow the storage of electricity to be later used. It can also be recharged so it can be used more than once. Aloisio Galvani created the first generator in 1790.


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Mechanically Powered Flashlight

Uses mechanical energy to create a current that powers the light. It is reusable and lasts a very long time. The first flashlight was made in 1899 by David Misell.
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Induction Cooker

An electric current flows through a coil placed underneath the cooking pot and produces a magnetic field which produces heat within the pot which heats the food. The first induction cooker was created by General Motors in the 1950's.


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Graphics Tablet

In a graphics tablet, the pen produces an electromagnetic signal, which is detected by wires in the tablet which produces the ability to write. The first graphics tablet was created in 1981 by Todd Rundgren.


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Pickups are magnets placed under the strings of a guitar. The strings react to the wires which makes them produce a current through it. This current is then sent through a wire to recording or amplification equipment. The first pickup was created 1924 by Lloyd Loar.


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Transformers use electromagnetic conduction to transfer and conduct electricity to different places. It is useful in providing an easy way to transport electricity. The first generator was created in 1885 by Otto Blathy.


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The combobulator uses electromagnetic conduction to have a calcutor on your debit card. It also keeps a record of your account balance. This makes it easy to calcucate your balance wherever you are. The first combobulator was first created in 2014 by Albert Livingston.