January 18, 2019

UpComing Dates

Saturday - January 19

Girls & Boys A Lakeshore tournament

Girls B Tournament at Caledonia

9 am Girls C Triangular Home

Sunday - January 20

8:15 and 10:45 Church

8:15 am Grades 3-5 sing

2 pm Piano Recital

5:30 pm BCBBP

Monday - January 21

10:30-12 am Visitation

3:30 pm GBBBP

4:15 pm GABBP

5 pm Grades are Due

6:15 C Boys Shoot Around

6:15 pm WISCO Grade School Band

Tuesday - January 22 Band Lessons

12-3 pm Operations Team Meeting

3:45 pm Faculty PD Meeting

4 pm BBBBP

6:30 BABBP

6:30 Lutheran Boy and Girl Pioneers

Wednesday - January 23 Report Cards Go Home

8:45 am Chapel Mr. Rickie

4 pm BBBBP

5:30 pm GBBBP

Thursday - January 24

7:30 5-8 Meeting

3:45 pm 6-8 Math Club

4 pm GABBP

6:30 pm BABBP

Friday - January 25

10:30 am Song and Dance Man Prek-3rd in Gym

2:45 pm Junior Choir

Saturday - January 26

Home Boy's C Tournament

Boy's B Tournament at Grafton

9 am Girls C Triangular Home

Sunday - January 27

8:15 and 10:45 Church

10:45 am PreK sings

5:30 pm 5th Grade Extravaganza @ WLHS

5:30 pm BCBBP

Devotion Leader

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  • MAP's Testing for Grades 5-8. Seth will share a schedule.
  • Grades are due by 5 pm on Monday.
  • Wednesday Report Cards go home with church attendance.
  • Faculty Meeting Tuesday Afternoon. Have chapter 3 ready to discuss and come with one take away from the chapter.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work every week. We could not do everything that we do without it.


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How to get Students to Think about their Writing

Lots of interesting ideas. I wonder if this same type of idea would work in other areas.

Power Lesson: Note-Taking Stations

This is a great article that shows ways in which we can help our students learn how to take notes. If your students are too young for the skill I think the techniques that the teacher used could be very helpful in how you may teach other skills.