Floods are when there is too much water in one place.

What are dikes?

A dike is soemthing that may block water from flooding land. This helps prevent floods from happening.

Keep a kit!

Floods can happen anywhere at anytime. Keep a kit ready for when this happens. Include A Flashlight, jugs of water, a portable radio, batteries and a medical kit.

A few questions:

Flooding causes some bad things, like creating erosion.

There are ways to prevent flooding.

Dikes ( top of page), prevent flooding by blocking water from flooding land.

They ARE dangerous.

Floods are dangerous in many ways. They cause erosion in the ground, they harm people and poison drinking water. You may think, 'Oh, it's just water, it's not that bad,' but it is bad, in those ways.

What do they destroy?

They destroy LOTS of things, including trees, fence posts, power lines and buildings.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: There aren't any pros for living in a major-flood area.

Cons: Destroys crops, creates erosion, overflows homes, poisons water, kills people.