Come to the Sea Ice!

By: Hazem Elansary

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Where are you going?

You will be traveling to the amazing areas in the exotic sea ice where you will find many wonders. You will be diving eight thousand feet underneath the earth's surface into the murky waters of an average temperature of -76 degrees fahrenheit and a density of 1000 kg/m cubed while enjoying the salinity of 37



Some attractions of the arctic sea ice is that if you are interested in animals you will be delighted by the copious amounts of animals that roam the vast sea ice. examples of these animals would be the popular penguins

All about science

  • The climate and currents affect the organisms in my zone not at all because they are so adapted to the area that they can withstand basically whatever the ocean throws at them.
  • The invasive species that are living in the sea ice are actually humans because humans keep invading the habitats of the different organisms that live in the sea ice. Humans also bring unnecessary things to the sea ice which could harm the wild life
  • Some resources that humans can get from the sea ice is just basically fresh water from the glaciers and fish from the water
  • Humans impact my ocean by bringing all of their equipment in sea ice areas like Antarctica and making igloos so that they can actually survive the cold weather. This can lead to some of the native animals to move away from the humans.
  • We can protect the ocean zone by just staying clear of it and leaving the animals to do everything for themselves.