Mobile Learning Apps

Blending technology into the classroom

Journal Jar

A free app that gives the user a journal writing prompt.

This could be used in an English class to warm students up for larger writing assignments. It is an easy task to get their minds and hands moving.


A free Android app that allows the user to take a photo and mark it, sketching, or adding text or ideas. Can send your work via email, SMS or social media.
Can be used for a high school science class for students to take pictures and classify different species of tree/leaves.

Strip Designer

This is a comic designing app that allows you to choose a template, add photos, and add word balloons and stickers to create a graphic novel. It allows students to be creative without the technical skill of drawing.
This can be used as a fun substitute for traditional writing assignments in an English class. Students can create colourful stories using found or taken photos.

Story Dice

Story Dice is a tool to aid the creative writing process by prompting ideas for plot, character and setting. It is a good way to generate ideas and get them flowing. This can be helpful app for students working on creative writing and descriptive writing.


This is an offline tool with a dictionary and thesauraus built in that works through cursor navigation. When you hover the cursor over a specific word it brings up the tools to make your writing better; helping with language, grammar and spelling.

Textkraft can be a useful tool for students writing papers, or any writing assignment; it is a great reviewing tool.