Solar energy

By Jacob Landon Jose Ethan and Josiah

Why solar energy is the best

Even though it costs a lot of money and a lot of time it is truly worth it. It will save you an average of 1.6 million $ in electricity. And it will lower electric bills so it will be very helpful in your life.

These are products for solar energy

Pros and cons

The good part of solar energy is that it is free also it saves you a LOT of money!

It saves up to 1.6 million dollars in electricity.

The bad part is that it costs a lot of money to afford it and it kills a lot of time to set it up.

So these are the good and bad parts about solar energy.

The reason why you need solar energy

This is the reason why you need solar energy. Imagin your everyday life. The most energy you use is electricity. Let's say you accidentally turned on the light switch or watch tv too long it would cost a lot of money. But if you had a solar panel it will cut you half the amount of electricity in a year. Besides solar panels get energy from the sun so it will produce for 12 hours straight!