New Delhi, India

Home to the Taj Mahal and the spiciest foods in Asia

Culture + Fashion = Awesomeness

If you love culture and fashion, you'll surely love this.Hindus believe in more than 100 gods. There are several temples for those gods that you can visit. In the olden days, kids went to aashrams or schools in the forests, to learn. But there was a catch; they weren't allowed to see their parents until they were done with their studies or in other words, until after college.Oh right the fashion part; girls weren't allowed in aashrams so while they had free time they sewed and designed saris.The finest saris are found only here. Make sure to look for them.

ROCK ON.....kinda

The music and sites are amazing here.There are thablaas that are drums that look like bongos just with more elegance.The sitaars are like guitars with the head stretched out as far as possible.The Bollywood music is always cool to listen to. Visit the Himalayas while your are at it. Tourists love to try to climb it. Listen to this hip-swaying, head bobbing music. That's sure to get you into a trance.


The spicy foods are so spicy your tongue will burn for days. Most of them come during lunch and dinner. For a snack have some chai. It's just like coffee but with a bit of spice to it. Have a samosa or two while you are at it. Try some sweets like laddos and rasgullas. Sometimes on special occasions they'll put an edible layer of silver over them. You are gonna need a few sweets to relieve your toungue after all that spice.


Just like in America, where we learn English and spanish, Indians learn a languages too, English and Hindi. If you go to India, no matter where you are, you have to learn Hindi. It would be very easy if you know Gujarati, the main language in the state of Gujarat, because they are both alike. English is learned but the adults aren't very fluent at it. There are 13 less common languages that you could learn in special cases. Make sure to learn them fast, its the only way not to get lost.

So so old.

If you like historical places then visit these sites. The ancient ruin of a civilization in Harappa. There is always a temple or two. Look closely at them and you'll look closely at them and you'll find each of the temple structure tell a different story. The mosques there are created with pride for Muslim is the second greatest religion in India. The rock sculptures are sometimes centuries old. They will be fascinating to look at.

Lovely Weather.

If you don't like hot weather you might want to be careful. There are three seasons in India. The first one is the cool season that starts in October and ends in February. Next is the hot season from March to June. The last season is the rainy season from July to September. If you go during the rainy and cool season there will be no problem.

This is india's map


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