The sunshine state

Floridas foods

the food that florida is most attracted to is called the pizza cone the recipe to this meal is listed below

1 can (13.8 oz) pillsbury refrigerated classic pizza crust

24 cooked mini meat balls cut in half

1 jar (14 oz ) pizza sauce

1 package of (3.5 oz) pepperoni slices

3\4 cup finely chopped yellow or green bell peppers

3\4 cup of shredded pizza chese

and their you have it now you need to know how to prepare the meal

step 1 turn the dough out onto a lightly flowerd surface , and divid it into 2 equle peices then cover each with a kichen towel or plasstic rap and let them rest for 10 minuts add pizza souce,meat balls and shredded chese now you are ready to serve youre meal!

Music in Floida

Big band jazz lounge in instromentul music play list https://youtu.be/UiClpSShxlE

Activities of interest

if had to pick anywhere to go in Florida i would pick Disney world located in Orlando Florida the cost of the trip to Disney world is very expensive Disney world considers "children"to be between the ages 3-9 years old any person over the age of 10 needs to pay adult ticket prices a 6 day adult ticket pay is $288 and a child's ticket cost is $260 this means you can only visit 1 park each day.
Complete 2016 Fantasmic! Show at Disneyland

sports in Florida

of more than 200000 participants since 1989, have gave their best at their Olympic dreams or championships glory. thousands more have achieve personal goals in victories they all have been apart of great Florida tradition of amateur competition that symbolizes the true spirit o Olympics in Florida.