Mahatma Gandhi

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

October 2nd, 1869

The birth of Gandhi. Gandhi was born in Porbandar, a coastal town in present-day Gujarat, India. Father: Karamchand Gandhi. Mother: Putlibai Gandhi. Gandhi was in a higher level caste, so he had a pretty good life.


Gandhi starts primary school in Rajkot


Gandhi starts High school in Rajkot
Gandhi was short, thin, shy, and unathletic during these years, so he was a social outcast in school.

Fun Fact!!!

Indian classics such as Shravana, The Honest Woodcutter, and many others had a huge effect on his future!

May, 1883

Mahatma Gandhi has an arranged marriage to Kasturbai Makhanji
In India, you don't get to choose who you are married to. Your parents do that for you. If you are a male, your parents choose your bride based off of the size of your dowry. If you are a female, you have to wait idly like a flower waits to be picked. Your parents offer a lump some of cash in order for you to have a good marriage.


Gandhi's rebellious stage comes and goes


Gandhi's father dies at age of 63
There has been a lot of speculation on the grisly topic of Karamchand Gandhi's (Mahatma Gandhi's father) death, ranging from fistula to old age. Either way, it is still a pretty big mystery, especially since we cannot analyze his body because of how Indians cremate their dead.

September 4th, 1888

Gandhi travels by train to England to learn how to be a Barrister
During this train ride, Gandhi was brought to attention the problem of racial discrimination. Gandhi had payed for a first-class ticket, but when the "white" people noticed that he was "colored", they had him forcibly moved from first-class, to the very back of the train, where all the "white" people had all of the "colored" people stored, like potato sacks.

Between the years

Gandhi's mother dies. No-one honestly has any ideas what happened to her, because nobody recorded her death. If they did, the records were either lost or destroyed.

June 12th, 1891

Gandhi returns from training as a Barrister
After Gandhi failed his attempts of founding a law practice in Mumbai, he attempted a part-time job as a high school teacher. He only got as far as applying. He was turned down, and ended up returning to Rajkot to try to make a living drafting petitions for litigants. He was forced to shut it down after he "acted out of turn" to a British police office. All This Happened Within the Time of Two Years.

April, 1893

Gandhi travels to South Africa to work with an Indian firm

May, 1893

Gandhi is ejected from a South African train
Yep, more train trouble. Fortunately, this one actually encouraged him to fight for Indian rights in a British colony. Look to bottom!!!

August 22nd, 1894

Gandhi founds The Natal Indian Congress
A lot of Things Happened After This. After Gandhi Founds The Natal Indian Congress, it Takes Off. If I Were to Record the Entire Life of Gandhi, my Fingers Would Break Off, and Your Minds Would Start to Drift. However, After Gandhi's Speech, The Kashmir Issue (January 4th, 1948), Gandhi Was Assassinated via 3 Shots Directed Into Chest in Point-Blank Range.

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Mini Bio: Gandhi


Gandhi was a great man, who changed the world for everyone, now and forevermore. Now, people who are not "white" can have privileges that, back in Gandhi's time, were only available to "white" people. This began as a simple assignment that needed to be done for a grade, but now, I would like this to be a tribute to the great man who changed all of our lives.

Thank You For Reading This!!! Sincerely, Camden Hood and Katie Yamamoto-Hill