iConnect Learning - TechSmith Relay

for Genesee County Educators

What is iConnect Learning?

You may have heard about iConnect Learning (a.k.a. TechSmith Relay) from a colleague, administrator or member of the GISD EdTech Team. Follow the steps below to gain access to this awesome FREE resource.


  1. Watch the video: https://geneseeisd.techsmithrelay.com/iVWT
  2. Contact Genesee ISD - Technology & Media Services for a service code at edtech@geneseeisd.org. Include iConnect Service Code Request as the subject line to the email.
  3. Create an account at: https://geneseeisd.techsmithrelay.com/
    * Recommendation: Use your Google account to create your account
  4. Complete the form (to be added to the iConnect group)

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