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10th grade Recognition Edition

Recognizing Bronco Excellence in the 10th Grade!

Second Semester Honor Roll

Congratulations to these 10th grade students for their academic achievement second semester-

with GPA's of 3.5-3.74, they have made the honor roll!

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Special Teacher Recognition- 10th Grade

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Special Teacher Recognition - 10th grade

Special Teacher Recognition- 10th Grade

Second Semester Academic High Honors

Congratulations to these 10th grade students for their outstanding academic achievement

second semester, making the high honors list with GPA's of 3.75-3.99.

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Special Teacher Recognition - 10th Grade

Principal's List

Congratulations to these 10th grade students for crushing their second semester, with GPA's of 4.0 and above.

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Perseverance Award

This goes to students who have improved their GPA from Fall 2021 to Spring 2022 by .5 or more, whether they are adding AP and Honors courses to their schedule, raising their game, or absolutely crushing it- these students have all seen a big jump, and that only comes with hard work, and yes- perseverance.

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Other Special Recognition from Teachers

These students also received special recognition from their teachers and coaches- read on!

Madeleine Clark: At the end of class Madeleine alerted me to a $20 bill that another student had left behind under their desk. The money was reunited with its relieved owner. A simple act of honesty and neighborliness such as this makes all the difference in creating a welcoming classroom and school. Thank you Madeleine!

Scott Kitay: Scott brings life, enthusiasm and participation to every English class. He gives 100 percent effort and is an excellent communicator.

Brianna McBride: Brianna is hard working and always smiling!

Sasha Gostev: Sasha is a naturally inquisitive young man, and we have long discussions after class about similarities and differences between the Russian and German languages. He's bright and a joy in class, and I have high hopes for his future in German! Gut gemacht!

Ava Chakalozian: What can I say? Every teacher wants a student like Ava and I was lucky enough to have her in German. She will excel as she continues, I'm sure!!

Mali Scherer: Mali came to Northgate in January of this year on her own initiative from Germany for a semester at an American High School. She has been a big help to me in advanced German, and always has a smile on her face: even when wearing a mask! We will miss her and wish her all the best in her further endeavors! Vielen, lieben Dank, Mali!


Northgate Academic Honors

Students who earn a 3.5 or better each semester are celebrated in a progressive honor system, through their senior year. The tiers are as follows:

1 semester- Certificate of Accomplishment

2 semesters- Certificate of Commendation

3 semesters- Academic Letter- this is a tackle twill letter, similar to a Varsity letter for athletics- students who earn this achievement may select to purchase the letter for $10, and will be awarded a certificate as well.

4 semesters- Certificate of Academic Achievement

5 semesters- Certificate of Academic Excellence

6 Semesters- Certificate of Distinction *(skipped with COVID Spring 2020 semester)

7 semesters- Northgate Academic Honors Cord (Awarded at 6 semesters for those with Spring 2020 semester exemption)

Keep it up, Class of 2024. You are crushing it!

Northgate awarded US News & World Report Top Ranking- 7th Year Straight

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