CR West Wk 4 ~ 9/21/16

To Know God and to Make Him Known

How do you know God?

Last week Colleen and I began a Precept Bible Study. The study's focus was the life of Job. At the very end of our study, the leader said something that spoke straight to my heart. She said, "At the end of Job's trials He knew God. At the end of our trials we know God more." Wow. I often think of knowing God as studying His word or meditating on who He is. But rarely do I think I will know God more at the end of a trial. Quite honestly, I'm more focused on when the trial will end and how I will survive it. What if I changed my perspective and began to think of my trials, my problems, my shortcomings as opportunities to know God more? At CC our mission is to know God and make Him known. The life of Job is challenging me to contemplate yet another way that I might know God. Through trials I come to know Him as my savior, my friend, and my redeemer. Perhaps you are in the midst of a trial or difficulty right now. Take time to thank Him and pray that at the end you might know Him more. And, of course, let your rope holder and I know how we can be praying for you!

Worthy Website

Running With Team Hogan is a great website that shares general homeschooling ideas and encouragement as well as resources for CC. There is a great Essentials section as well as a history and book focus this month.

Next Week

Family Presentation = Benton Family

Speech Topic = History (share about a famous person from Cycle 2 or a monarch)

Playground Duty = Margaret & Jenna

October Mom's Night Out

Friday, Oct. 14th, 6-9pm

3833 Bear Canyon Circle

Sedalia, CO

Bring a appetizer, dessert or drink to share and we will have a clothing auction where all proceeds will go to a local charity for families. (I haven't decided which one yet but either Taskforce, Joshua Station, or Burma Refugees)

So this is how the auction works... (it's super fun!) bring 1 or more bags of gently used woman's clothes, purses or bags that you don't want but that you think other moms may want. We will set them up in different rooms, you will get time to "shop" then we'll auction off highly wanted items for $1-5 and all money will go to charity! If lots of items are left we'll let you shop for free too since in the past we typically have a TON of left over items. Hope many of you can join us!

*My husband will be hunting so if you want to bring older kids to hang out that is fine too*

Helpful Files

On our Facebook page Files section I shared many useful files including popular CC Connected usernames and a Get to Know Your Foundations Guide document among others. If you'd like any of these emailed directly to you just let me know. :-)