Ohlone Family Connection

January 9, 2022

Happy New Year, Ohlone!

Having students back on campus this week provided the joy that only elementary children can bring. We have enjoyed their energy, inquisitiveness, and the kindness they show to one another!

January 14 - No school - Professional Learning Day

This Friday is a day off for students and a Professional Learning Day for staff. As we work toward our early literacy and equity goals, our staff will engage in a professional learning centered on English Learners and growing our knowledge around techniques for building productive word knowledge in classrooms. In the afternoon, we will spend time collaborating on site-specific professional learning that will include conversations around simulations and early literacy strategies.

Ohlone Guides

Please read the charming Ohlone Guides story below. We have some pretty amazing kids. Our Junior Staff, Student Council, Green Team, and Ohlone Times are all student-run activities that provide service to others. Ohlone kids rock :).

Covid Clinic Testing

To help expedite the Covid Clinic testing process, we are asking parents to place an order each week and submit an order number through Parent Square. If you are interested in having your child tested each week, be sure that their teacher is aware. If you have not registered, you can do so here: https://school.covidclinic.org/

Voluntary Student Vaccination Submission

PAUSD is now providing an option for families to submit verification of a student's COVID-19 vaccination. You may choose to submit here: https://www.parentsquare.com/feeds/10486866

I know many of us feel the stress as we navigate the news and changing guidelines around Covid. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to focus on providing our students with a safe, welcoming, and joyful learning environment. My favorite moment this week was watching two students make a caterpillar salad. FOR caterpillars, not made of :). Take care!


Ohlone Principal

Coming Up

1/12 - Student Council Meeting (students)

1/14 - No school - Staff Professional Learning Day

1/17 - No school - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

On the Horizon

1/18 - PAUSD Board Meeting - 6:30

1/19 - Ohlone Times Meeting (students)

1/19 - Incoming TK/Kinder Info Night (District on Zoom) - 7-8pm

1/24 - PTA Executive Board Meeting - 8:30-10:00

1/24 - Site Council Meeting - 3:00-4:30

1/24 - Ohlone Parent Info Night for Prospective Parents (Zoom) 6-7pm

1/26 - Student Council Meeting (students)

1/27 - 100th Day of School

1/27 - Incoming TK/Kinder Info Night (District on Zoom) - 7-8pm

Ohlone Guides Welcome New Ohlone Students & Staff

On Friday, Ohlone Guides held a ceremony to officially welcome our new Ohlone students and staff. Their speech was heartfelt and full of great tips. Smores likes being pet. King, not so much. A big thank you goes out to our reading specialists, Nikki and Allyson who are mentors for this important service group.

Ohlone Guides are positive peer role models and provide service to others. They help K/1 students in the Friendship Yard, hoist the flag each morning, organize the art supplies and help with library and lunch set up. They read to first graders and help on the farm. They will be working on a mural, too! Thank you, Ohlone Guides!

Inclusive Schools Week

We are postponing our Inclusive Schools Week until our Covid case numbers improve. We look forward to celebrating through PTA activities during lunch. Of course, we do inclusion all day every day!

4th Grade Music - Recorders

Pause in 4th Grade Recorder Playing for the month of January

We are pausing playing recorders for the month of January as there is no musicians PPE for this instrument. We will revisit in February.

Health & Safety

Thank you for your partnership in keeping all students well by keeping your children home when they are sick. Please communicate with our school office when your child is unwell. We appreciate any communication you can have with your children at home regarding the importance of masking, handwashing, and distancing while eating.

We appreciate your open and timely communication about illness and potential Covid exposure. Please email ohloneattendance@pausd.org and copy me if your child or someone in your home tests positive for Covid. Thank you.

Updated Guidelines as of 1/7/22

Below are the updated guidelines shared in Dr. Austin’s Covid Update. Things are fast-moving and guidelines are subject to change. I will keep you up-to-date as soon as I have new information. Please feel free to reach out to me or our school office with questions you have.


Individuals with Symptoms

  • Individuals with symptoms should stay home and get a COVID-19 test. At home tests are not acceptable for returning to school from symptoms. Please get an antigen or PCR test with Covid Clinic or your own health care provider.
  • Those with negative COVID-19 tests may return to school once their symptoms have improved.
  • We ask that all sick students and employees stay home while sick even with a negative test result.
  • Consider all inconclusive/indeterminate and at home positive tests as positive, and notify your school site immediately.

Positive Cases

  • Everyone must be isolated for at least 5 days.
  • If no symptoms and a negative COVID-19 test on or after day 5, they may return to school the following day. We recommend an antigen test, as you may continue to test positive on a PCR for up to 90 days.
  • If they have symptoms or continue to test positive, they may return to work on day 11 if no fever for 24 hours or longer and other symptoms are improved.

Household Close Contacts

  • All household members should get tested immediately when there is a positive case in the home.
  • Positive individuals should try to isolate themselves away from the rest of the household.
  • Unvaccinated family members must quarantine at home for 5 days after the end of the positive individual’s isolation period.
  • Vaccinated family members may continue to attend school if they have no symptoms.
  • All family members who test negative, should continue to test on Day 5 and Day 15 from the original positive test.

Exposures Outside of School

  • All individuals who are knowingly exposed to a positive case outside of school should get tested immediately and again on or after Day 5 from the exposure date.
  • Unvaccinated individuals should quarantine at home for 10 days. If they have a negative test on or after day 5, they may shorten the quarantine period to return to school and activities on day 8.
  • Vaccinated individuals may continue to attend school and should monitor for symptoms.

Parent Education & Resources

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