Gene Siskel

By Jack McMahon


Gene Siskel was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 26th, 1946.Orphaned by the age of 10, Siskel attended Culver Military Academy in Indiana and received his bachelor's degree in philosophy from Yale University in 1967 with the intention of becoming a lawyer. After winning a public-affairs fellowship, he joined the Army Reserve where he wrote press releases for the U.S. Department of Defense Information School.

5 Questions

1. What's your favorite movie?

2. What's your least favorite movie?

3. What made you want to be a film critic?

4. Who was your biggest inspiration?

5. Did you ever get tired of watching movies?


Where was he born?

a. chicago

b. new york

c. los angeles

what did Siskel want to be originally?

a. lawyer

b. firefighter

c. doctor

at what age did siskel become a film critic?





I chose sophisticated cause he took his job very seriously.