Young Preschool Newsletter


Fall Harvest Celebration

On October 30th we will be having a Fall Harvest Celebration at Rainbow! We will be doing fall themed activities and having a snack. All parents (or grandparents) are more than welcome to join us! Please let Ms. Megan or Ms. Katie if you plan to attend so we can be sure to have enough supplies and snacks for all to participate!

Extra Clothes

Please be sure to have extra clothes in your child's cubby at all times! We do many activities that involve glue, paint, and other messy items as well as spills and messes happening. Please be sure to have weather appropriate clothes including shirts, pants, socks, and underwear (if applicable). The weather is getting colder as we transition into fall! Please be sure to bring your child a jacket or sweater just in case it is cold outside as we will still be going outside! Thank you!

In The Fall

During the following week we will be learning about the season of Fall and doing projects and activities to learn about the changing weather as well as Fall themed activities to strengthen skills such as counting, shapes, science, fine and gross motor skills, and many others.


If you ever have any questions about your child or your child's day please feel free to ask us! We are glad you are a part of our classroom and we love to watch your child grow and learn as a part of our Rainbow family!