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February 2016

Laconia Middle School

Winter Session has started off to a slow start with the lack of snow but the elements did not keep Mrs. Reynolds and her Winter Survivors from heading outside to enjoy the day. From sledding, hot cocoa, to learning how to stay warm in the harshest of climates, our students have had fun while learning valuable skills for winter weather!

We recently welcomed Ms. Middleton to lead Friendship Club where Middle Schoolers are journaling, making brochettes and learning about the importance of being a true friend.

Students are coding and mastering their chess skills with Mr. Kite while our partnership with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of the Lakes Region remains strong!

~Mr. Resca

Laconia Middle School JAG Coordinator

Afterschool Site Coordinator

Pleasant Street School

We are enjoying their winter session enrichment activities. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) students enjoyed creating robots from cardboard boxes that were headed for the dumpster! Computer Smartz students were heavily engaged in an activity with ‘Bee Bots’. Students had to create a computer program for the bots and test their program. Other students are engaged in enriching activities like Basketball, Yoga, and Panther Pride. We are enjoying eating family style dinners together, from setting tables, to passing platters, practicing the use good manners, and sharing the highlights of our school day.

We are pleased to welcome Melissa from The Family Resource Center. She will be available to meet with parents/guardians on Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:30. Melissa brings with her an abundance of information , more specifically on parenting classes. Parenting classes will be offered at all of the elementary schools in Laconia. The classes will be offered at PSS on March 10, March 24, and April 14. Please see Melissa on Wednesdays for more information!

~Mrs. Quinn

Afterschool Site Coordinator

Freedom Found at Laconia High School

Moving into the second semester of the school year, Freedom Found is continuing to run strong and is prepping for the events, programs and themes of mid-winter. As always, we use nature, seasonal metaphors and everything around us to help ignite student insight and instill the values of connection, mindfulness, solutions and strength-based approaches to challenges.

One way the group continues to do this is by emphasizing peer support and incorporating weekly themes or lessons aimed at educating, empowering and inspiring youth to live with heart and courage. Also, in order to help offset the lethargy and low moods that can sometimes set in during the winter months, we will be guiding Freedom Found students through a variety of energizing and strength-building routines during our Weekend Warrior series, which take place on Saturdays. Our goals here are understanding and enhancing mind, body, emotions and energy, as well as improving leadership abilities so that these students will not only be more able to handle the demands of a NH winter and their own physical fitness, but also will be better equipped to navigate the storms and flurries of everyday life at home and school.

In addition, we will once again be participating in AMTP’s Annual Youth Summit, which is scheduled to take place at Lakes Region Community College on March 25th. This event will be a follow-up to last year’s program and the issues in our community that were brought up by local youth. The three major topics we will be addressing are Substance Abuse, Self-Harm/Suicidality among teens, and Bullying. Freedom Found members are excited to attend and add their voice to these conversations, as these topics fall in line with what Freedom Found also addresses and stands for.

Onward and upward into the second half of our 2016 school year!

~Mr. Reed

Laconia High School Guidance Department

Freedom Found Advisor