December 11th


When learning about Tic, Tac, and Toc (triple trouble), we discussed many fun games they enjoy playing together. We are continuing to build phonics and phonemic awareness skills by identifying the missing letters in words. We sometimes need to stretch out the words (or use our roller coaster technique) to ensure we hear all the sounds in the word. On Thursday, the Tic, Tac, Toc book came home. Please continue to ask your kindergartener to show you what they did and read they story and different activities to you. As we continue to combine the sounds we have learned into words and then words into sentences, please remind your child to take their time. Sometimes children believe that they should be reading more quickly so they begin to guess the word instead of sounding it out. Just give little positive reminders to let them know it is okay to take their time or reread the word. The more they practice blending sounds together, the more fluent and confident they will become!


We are moving right along in our understanding of teen numbers and counting to 20. Kindergarteners have begun to develop the idea that 16 represents one group of ten and six "extra" ones. This idea has really helped our ability to write these numbers. When I think back to early in the year, I remember students counting and then turning and asking, "How do I write a 12?" Now, students will see a 21, 12, and 10+2 and be able to tell me that 21 is two groups of ten and 1 more, and that 12 is the same as 10+2 because it is 1 group of ten and 2 more. It is fantastic progress!

We also continued our understanding with number lines. Each kindergartener wrote down a teen number that I told them on a post-it note. Then they got in different groups and needed to put those numbers in order. They were very successful and worked as a team to sequence these numbers!

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We are now going back through our narratives in order to add some sentences. As students are telling me their stories I am now asking them to write a sentence for each page. They usually look at me and say, "I can't write all that!" My response is always, "Yes, you can!" Then, I tell them to just start with the first word. They have been surprising themselves when they realize that they actually can write the sentence one word at a time.
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6th Grade Buddies

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