Hildebran's Class

Math and Language Arts


We have continued our work and stations and is it going great. I am so proud of the progress each student is making. We are learning to use calculators in our functional math center.

Language Arts

We have been working on identifying Theme in passages this week. The kids are becoming better at this overall. We are also working on identifying nouns (person, place, or thing). When asked if the item is a noun (for some kids with additional explanation), pretty much everyone is improving with this skill. They will test on identifying nouns next week.

Looking Ahead

Friday 10/21: Next Friday will be a club day. We have had one of these already this year. Clubs are about once per month and occur the last 45 minutes of school on a Friday. Ask your child about their club and see what they do there.

Oct. 31 & Nov. 1: Teacher Workdays