LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministry at First Baptist Covington.

Hey, everybody!

LIFToff week is here! That means there is a ton going on this week, and if you haven't gotten the message, here this: you do not want to miss this!!! PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING DETAILS:


2. Be at the Annex at 5pm Friday, along with your overnight bag (including clothes, toiletries, sleeping bag, pillow, swimsuit and towel) if you are staying at a host home. Dinner is provided (and breakfast at your host home).

3. Make sure you bring your updated Waiver and Release Form (available to download during online registration).

4. Saturday, we begin at 10am at the Annex. Bring your swimsuit and towel and a change of clothes. Lunch and a snack is provided. We'll finish up by 7pm.

5. Sunday morning, ALL PARENTS OF YOUTH are asked to attend the annual parent orientation in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30am. Worship is at 10:30am, followed by a covered dish lunch. EVERYBODY PLEASE BRING FOOD!!! The food guide is as follows:

By the first letter of your last name...

A-F bring a Meat

G-P bring a Side

Q-Z bring a Dessert

6. Students are asked to wear their new LIFT shirts that morning, and also bring a swimsuit and towel again, because after lunch we'll head out to the FFA camp for the pool, zip-line, and blob. We'll be back at the Annex by 4:30pm.

LIFT is also on as usual this week, with the final lesson in our Not a Fan series. Check out the last message below to catch up!

Finally, because of LIFToff, there will be now LifeLine this Sunday (everyone will be worn out!). But, LIFT is on as usual next week!

Last Week's Message from LIFT

Not a Fan 3

Follow-Up Questions

· For a short verse, Luke 9:23 has a big message! What part of the verse stood out to you the most? Why?

· Why do you think Jesus is so harsh about what it takes to follow Him?

· What would church look like if more people took following Jesus as seriously as He described it?

· How do you begin to really love Jesus? Look at 1 John 4:19.

· What kinds of things might you face if you were to “carry your cross daily”?

· What makes all the humiliation, suffering, self-denial, and death worthwhile?