Randolph T. Blackwell


How It Beggined

Randolph T. Blackwell he work with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and he help for black people to vote. He help Blacks to go the same school as whites. He wanted everybody to be together because we are all the same. He was a leader helping blacks get a good education. He helped poor people.

The middle

Randolph is from Greensboro,n.c. He spent years teaching at a college school. He was an economics teacher studying sociology with students. Randolph was a christian leadership. Some days he will go to a leadership conference.

The half middle

Randolph earned a degree in howard university in 1963 voter education project.1964 the southern christian leadership conference selected him for a program director. He died from cancer at the age thirty-five. His wife survived Elizabeth knox ,blackwell.

The Big Finish

Randolph had three sisters Mildred Evans, Juanita Kaiser and Lynnette Parks. He has four brothers Joseph Blackwell Bronx, Rufus Blackwell Albany, Fred Blackwell Haven conn and Edgar Blackwell Atlanta. He help with Brown vs. Board of Education.In 1976 ho gave Martin luther king a Nonvilent peace prize. He was born March 10, 1927 and died 1981.