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Is Glenridge haunted?

We interviewed some teachers to find out more...
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Have you noticed anything unusual going on?

"Yes, many, many unusual things happen all the time."

Is Glenridge Haunted?

"Yes, definitely, and by the feral cats that have passed!"

After school when everyone is gone have you ever noticed anything weird?

"Yes, sometimes I stay her very, very late and the stairs and the coverings on top of the sidewalk creak, and make a noise like someone is walking up them! It is very creepy!"

-Mrs. Carter

Spooky spiders!

Does anything unusual happen at Glenridge?


Do you think Glenridge is haunted?

"Maybe, like I said before I've seen unusual things happen but not sure exactly sure."

Has anything ever moved by itself?

"Yes, the papers move by themselves with no gust or breeze of wind."


Paranormal Activity

Does anything unusual happen here at Glenridge?

"Yes, the doors in the east hallway dont shut, and they open and close by themselves."

Do you think Glenridge is haunted?

"Yes, beacuse somtimes in the hallways when I am walking by myself I here weird noises."

-Ansley Johnson

Got ghost?

Does anything weird happen here?

"Yes, in room 608 the ceiling tiles move up and down in the middle of class,and in room 618 the door opens and closes by itself."

Do you sometimes hear unusual things?

"Yes because when you're walking in the hallways you sometimes hear noises like people are walking but when you look behind you, there is nothing there."

-Caleb Walls

Newsletter by: Miah Gonzalez & Ansley Johnson