Summer Jams!!

Pinkalicious Poshers Team Incentive - May, June, July

Rock your Business and Earn Prizes!!

Each month you will earn points depending on your PV (personal volume) and Team Members added. I will do my best to offer prizes of equal value or use should the prizes below be sold out, as we know this can happen and come August we will be possibly having different items in the portal. I chose these types of prizes in since they are helpful for your business and useful for you in promoting the Posh brand.


1.EACH month Prizes will be awarded according to the points earned. (example 500pv earns you 10 point prize or adding a new team member earns you a 20 point prize, listed below)

2.Your points will be cumulative over the 3 month period. Prizes will be awarded as earned over 3 months.

****The consultant with the most points will earn the GRAND PRIZE!****


250+pv = 5pts


1000+pv =20pts

New Team Member Added =20pts


Grand Prize (winner(s) choose only 1 item