Burglar Proof Lunch Box Challenge:

Uses of Energy Engineering Challenge

The Challenge

Some students are going on a field trip and want to make sure their lunches are safe if they leave them on the bus. Design and construct a lunch container (bag or box) for them to use that is burglar-proof. (Use as many forms of energies as you can to protect your lunchbox)

Design Portfolio

  1. What is the problem? (State the problem in your own words.)
  2. Explore and research the problem

  • What two activities did your group choose to complete?
  • Summarize how your explorations will be helpful in solving the design challenge.

3. Brainstorm and design a solution to the problem. Sketch or describe some possible solutions in the boxes below.

4. Build, test, and analyze your solution.

  • Describe your plan before you begin construction.
  • What type of energy does your project use as an alarm (electrical or sound)?
  • Why did your group choose that type of energy?
  • How does your alarm system work?

5. Improve or redesign and retest the solution.

  • Can your lunch container be opened and closed easily?
  • Is your lunch container 30 cm or less in size?
  • Does the container keep the burglar out?
  • Does the container alert you that someone is trying to take your lunch?

6. Present and share your solution

  • Decide how you will share your solution with the class.
  • Discuss who will demonstrate the system and who will talk about what you discovered.

7. Evaluate your solution:

  • Was this the best solution to the problem? Explain.