TJ's Newspaper Article!!!

Dear, journal

August 7, 1865

Hi my name is Vince today i was sold at a negro auction this white family came and they bought me for $1,500 before i got to his house there daughter asked me a question.She asked me why i was a slave & i didn't have time to answer back before i heard her father yell at me & i turned around & i saw that he was very angry.When he came to me he turned me back around and whipped me with his whip. after that he made me dinner & it smelled like a dead skunk!!!


My interview with Fredrick Douglass.

TJ:How were you treated as a child?

Fredrick:My mother treated me very well.

T:Did your mom tell you that you were going to become a slave?

F:No she did not.

T:Why did your slave owner help you read and write?

F:So i could learn.

T:Why did you escape?

F:Because i worked in the fields sometimes till midnight, and he was mean to me.

T:Were you glad you left your master?

F:Yes i was glad.

T:What encouraged you to be a fake sailor?

F:So i could run away.

T:Why did you change your last name?

F:So i wouldn't get caught.

T:Do you think your slave owners were happy?

F:No they were not.

T:Why did you only see your mom 4 or 5 times in your whole life?

F:Because she had to walk 12 miles if she wanted to see me.

Sojourner Truth

Hi my name is TJ and i am writing 6 paragraphs about Sojourner Truth.This is the life of Sojourner Truth.

Isabella was born in 1797. Isabella spent the first few years of her life sleeping on her masters basement floor.She watched helplessly as her brothers and sisters were sold off.Isabella herself was sold of 3 times by the age 13. One of the masters she had beat her bare back with hot iron rods.

In 1862 when Isabella was 29 she finally ran away.

She left behind her husband and 3 children,she had 4 children but she left behind 3 and took her daughter Sofie.She found freedom in New York with a family who didn't believe in slavery.Isabella found out that her son Peter was sold to a new slave owner in a different state.In New York it was illegal to sell slaves outside of the state.

A group of Quakers offered to help Isabella get her son back.

They insisted she goes out and file a legal report on the man who sold her son.The Quakers helped her raise enough money to get a lawyer.

With there help Isabella got her son back and her daughter back.With her son and daughter back they started attending church.During prayer Isabella got directions from God to go east right then and there she changed her name to Sojourner Truth.

Isabella died November 261883 witch now is thanksgiving .Her parents names were James and Elizabeth Baumfree.

The Battle Of Shiloh

April 7,1862 Dear, Mama

Today has been a rough day,

general William T. Sherman lead me and some other soldiers to open up the rivers but we had to capture the forts.Mama we won the battle but many of us were killed 1754 of us were killed. General Johnston did not wait for Grant or Buell he went on ahead to start war, we weren't that strong with just Johnston so we hid out and waited for Grant and Buell to combine there forces to advance.The war was as long as April 6-April 7.