Reachout 2 Schools

Supporting Childrens Education out in Nepal

Could your school raise funds to educate orphaned children from the Kohalpur Slums?

Reach Out 2 Schools is an exciting new project which brings together educators and consultants to provide high quality professional development for teachers in impoverished schools overseas. Our objective is simple, but challenging; to facilitate the creation of learning environments that teach children the skills they need today to make for themselves better tomorrows.

For impoverished schools such as those in the disadvantaged areas of Nepal, education is the single most powerful means of providing children with self-determination and a real hope for the future. Reach Out 2 Schools aims to help schools in impoverished communities to do more of what needs to be done to break the cycle of poverty – and to do it better.

In many such schools a majority of teachers are under-qualified or hold no teaching qualification at all, and morale is low. Infrastructure and educational resources are an issue, but better buildings and more books will not get to the heart of the problem. Up-skilling teachers, improving morale, motivation, confidence and teachers’ ability to provide a high quality education for their pupils: these are the most pressing and urgent issues in impoverished communities.

Before half term I was asked if I would like to help the charity out in Nepal by donating my time and expertise for free. In partnership with Lincs2Nepal we are planning to travel to the Kohalpur Slums in Nepal, work with the teachers and help the children in this deprived area receive a better education. I am contacting you to see if you could help by donating some money to the charity from your next non school uniform day, cake sale or car wash?

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Isabella Wallace and Wendy Brown

Our current projects are with The SPOWC school in Kathmandu (Society for the Protection of Women and Children). The children in these schools stand a better chance of a safe future if we can help their teachers to provide them with better education. These schools serve children who live in the slums and townships.

Above are a few photos taken during the Education Programme in the 75 Friends building in Shantinagar, Kohalpur, reaching out to children who cannot go to school for various reasons. Some children are sent out on the streets begging instead of attending school. But at this new school, they can learn English and Nepali, as well as develop social skills interacting with other children.

What we need is to give these children a fresh start and a fighting chance to free themselves from a life of poverty. The teachers in these schools have no access to professional development or training, and they lack the basic equipment and furniture necessary to do their jobs. As well as supporting at classroom level, we also need to support the schools’ leaders and equip them with the skills they need to ensure that the impact of our work has a lasting impact for years to come.

Can you help? Could you organise a charity event to raise money for resources and training for the teachers?

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Thank you for supporting this worthwhile cause.

Wendy Brown and Isabella Wallace