Bulldog Bulletin

September 25, 2015

Cluster Develop

Yesterday's collaboration during develop was outstanding. You really dug into the standards and the constructed response questions. There were times you did not all agree, and the discussion to reach common understanding was exciting to listen to. I think the most powerful piece was the instructional next steps you developed for your students. In doing this, you are thinking about ways to increase the rigor of instruction through the use of questioning.

TELL Survey Data

Each week I will share a section of the TELL survey results. You will see last year's data compared with this year's data. The top number is 2015 data, and the bottom number is 2014 data.


School Leadership



a. The faculty and leadership have a shared vision

. 80.6%


b. There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect in this school.



c. Teachers feel comfortable raising issues and

concerns that are important to them.



d. The school leadership consistently supports




e. Teachers are held to high professional

standards for delivering instruction.



f. The school leadership facilitates using data to

improve student learning.



g. Teacher performance is assessed objectively.



h. Teachers receive feedback that can help them

improve teaching.



i. The procedures for teacher evaluation are




j. The school improvement team provides effective

leadership at this school.



Schedule of Monday Mornings

9/28 Cluster (7:30-8:15
10/5 Committees
10/12 No meeting
10/19 Data Collaboration
10/26 Data Collaboration
11/2 Staff Collaboration
11/9 Committees
11/16 Data Collaboration
11/23 Data Collaboration

Kudos to....

Kristin, Michelle W, and Lisa Younghans for planning Tech Talks for staff!
Ellen and Alyssa for leading teachers through the navigation of NWEA!
Everyone for helping students learn new Success routines without losing instructional time!
Rita for modeling interactive writing in some primary classes!
Michelle E and Shelly for supporting fifth graders the past few weeks!
Dee, Kristin, and Jodi for teaching students to serve others in the community through JDRF and the shoe drive!
Tonya for dealing with a swarm of bee stings!
Non-classroom teachers for willingly taking a Success group!
Kurt, Duane, and Tobie for keeping our building looking fabulous!

From Central Administration

GCS Learning Connection

Remember to read the monthly newsletter from the district office that is emailed to all gcsusers on the first Friday of the month from Vickie Grant. It is a communication tool that is used to help keep all GCS staff members up to date on things that are big picture, or that affect everyone in Goshen Schools. There have been a few comments lately about not being notified of GCS happenings, but we had indeed reported on those things in the Goshen Learning Connections newsletter. Thanks for your help on this.


Now that NWEA testing is winding down we have the opportunity to dig into the data. Many buildings have started looking at the reports and thinking about how to apply this new information.

United Way Campaign

By now you have all received a couple of communications regarding the United Way Campaign. Michelle will be delivering your materials over the next couple of days. Following is some VERY important information.

The campaign has begun!

The final deadline for having the pledge forms returned to Lori Martin is Monday October 26th. That is the first day back after Fall Break…..so, in planning backwards, you will be Lori’s HERO if you can get them to her before Fall Break.

Please communicate the following with your staff (and we will also include this in the October Staff Newsletter) –

United Way pledges may be made in cash or check, credit card, or through payroll deduction. If payroll deduction is selected, employees may choose a ONE time deduction for the full amount, or ten (10) deductions. Deductions will start with the second pay date in November.


CPR is scheduled for November 10 and November 19. You only attend one class. It is at GHS from 4 to 5 pm and cost $20. If you are interested, email sstiffney@goshenschools.org

Dates to Remember

Monday, September 28 New Tech School Visit (All day)
Alan Metcalfe and Karen Blaha at Cluster-7:30
2nd Grade Field Trip to OxBow Park (9:30-1:30)
Board Meeting 6:00

Tuesday, September 29 Soccer Practice 2:45
Lynne @ IPLI

Wednesday, September 30 TLT 3:00-4:30

Thursday, October 1 Book Fair 8-8
Ice cream Social 4-8

Friday, October 2 Book Fair 8-8

Saturday, October 3 Book Fair 8-12