All About Swallow Tail Butterfly

By Madison

Name of bug

The specific name for the swallow tail butterfly is Pupilioglaucus.


Swallow Tail butterflys live in North America from Canada to Mexico.


When Swallowtail Butterflies are a caterpillar, they only eat leaves from wild cherry or tulip trees. when they are butterfly's they drink nectar.


Some of the swallow tail butterfly's habits are flying and migrating.

Life Cycle

Swallowtail butterflies live for ten days when they are a egg and when they are a caterpillar they live two to three weeks.When they are a pupa they live for 10 weeks and when they are a butterfly they live for ten days . They have four stages in there life cycle ,the egg then the caterpillar then soon the chrysalis and butterfly.


Swallow tail butterfly's have wings that are four to five inches. There height is four inches and they usually are yellow with black stripes. they have a long thin body with two antenna.


Some of the adaptions of the swallowtail butterfly are they migrate and they use mimicry. Their wings have big circle markings that resemble eyes. These trick predators into thinking a large animal will attack them.


some of the Swallow tail butterfly's of the predators of the swallowtail butterfly are humans and birds.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about the swallowtail butterfly are that they have two wing tails and they loose there wings but still can fly

My Butterfly House

I designed this this house for my client the swallow tail butterfly. Its head is for the bedroom and the body is the main room.