Book Genre

Definition of Memoir

A literary nonfiction genre. A collection of memories that the individual writes about moments or events, both public and private, that took place in the authors life. This word comes from the French, it means memory or reminiscence.

Characteristics of the Genre

- Always told in First Person POV

- The main character is always the one telling the story.

- Limited into a particular phase, time, event, time period or recurring behavior.

- Even though it is one event, it should be packed full of detail; it should be like the story is slowed down.

- Focuses on the relationship between the author and a person, place, object or animal.

- In the story it explains the significance of the relationship.

- It should be Reflective, not present.

- Background information should be included throughout the story.

- The reader should be able to imagine the relationships between all the characters mentioned in the story.

Cover for Short Story

Back Cover for Short Story

Questions About the Short Story...

What do you notice about the main character?

- Daghan was very nervous for her first day at a school in a different country, mainly because she didn't speak the same language but, in the end she learns that people will accept you no matter what language you speak.

What is the setting of your story?

- The setting of the story is at a older built Middle school in Sweden.

Are the events realistic?

- Yes. The whole story is realistic because the main event happened to Daghan in real life.

How is this story a good example of your genre?

- This is a good example of our story because the main character is the narrator of the story and it is one event in her life, not many.

Two quotes from the story that support your claim in this story in your genre.

1. "Before coming here my parents told me that we were going me we were going to meet my teacher and I was excited for it to be someone who I could talk to but, it seemed like he wasn't going to understand me."

2. " I remember saying "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" with my Turkish accent. Me and my friends were looking at each other and laughing at how well we danced."

Examples of Memoir Books: