FAC Weekly News

April 27-May 1

Kinder Field Trip Update

The Kinder field trip to the zoo has been rescheduled for May 21st. As I was sitting in the classroom on Friday hearing the rain pounding on the roof I was very thankful that it had been rescheduled!!

Important Dates This Year

Apr 28 Mavs in Motion 7:30am

Apr 29 Administrative Professional's Day

Apr 20 Mavs in Motion 7:30am

May 1 Mav Fan Jam 8:15am RSVP here

Mav Dads First Friday Lunches

What we'll be up to this week?

We will be talking about how plants grow- starting with the seed and what it needs to grow all the way to the parts of a full grown flower/plant. We will be growing our own bean plants, which I know the kids are going to love seeing happen right before their eyes!

A Special Thanks

Thank you Miracle for making all of the Truffala trees for our Lorax cans. She was so sweet in thoughtfully picking out which color tree each of her friends would like. All of the Loraxs' turned out super awesome!