Rabbit Raising & Harvesting

Set-up and run your own backyard rabbitry


Students can expect to leave with the knowledge to set-up and run their own backyard rabbitry. Topics to include: breeds, selection of breeding stock, breeding, breeding schedules, feed, forage, cages, tractors, metrics, health issues, dispatching, processing and secondary uses of by products.

Students will need sharp knife they are comfortable using. Nitrile gloves if wanted.

Rabbit Raising & Harvesting

Saturday, Dec. 6th 2014 at 10am

8310 Canoga Ave

Austin, TX


Fidel Camarena has over four years experience in all aspects of running a rabbitry dedicated to producing meat rabbits. Out of a desire to provide his family with a better alternative to what big agriculture offers, he added a small rabbitry to his gardening efforts. Healthy, nutrient dense food for his family, not harming the environment, building the soil and sharing his knowledge are what guides Fidel in how he raises his livestock and grow his crops.