Ferderal Reserve System

By: Lexi Christianson

The Fed

-Stabilize the economy

-Regulate the nation's money supply

-Supervise banks

-12 district banks

  • District #1: Boston, MA
  • District #2: New York, NY
  • District #3: Philadelphia, NJ
  • District #4: Cleveland, OH
  • District #5: Richmond, VA
  • District #6: Atlanta, GA
  • District #7: Chicago, IL
  • District #8: St. Louis, MO
  • District #9: Minneapolis, MN
  • District #10: Kansas City, MO
  • District #11: Dallas, TX
  • District #12: San Francisco, CA

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Board of Governors

-7 members

-Nominated by U.S. President and approved by the Senate

-Term of office is 14 years

-One member is chosen to serve as Chairperson by U.S. President

-Washington DC

FOMC(Federal Open Market Committee)

-Price stability

-Open Market Operations

-Discount Rate

-Reserve requirements

Bureau of Engraving & Printing

-Government agency within the United States Department of the Treasury

-Designs and produces paper currency for the Federal Reserve

U.S. Mint

-Manufacture and distribute circulating coinage

-Maintains custody and protection of the United States gold and silver assets

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