Military leaders of World War 2

Owen Herring

Erwin Rommel (Germany)

Erwin Rommel was born on November 15,1891 in Kingdom of Wurttlemburg Germany

Rommel's Father was a principal at a school he insisted Rommel to join the military. Rommel later join the military after the high school and was apart of the 124 infantry before World War 1

Erwin Rommel Affect on World War 2

Erwin Rommel or nick named the "Desert Fox" used tactics that got him respect from German solider and enemy solider's. Rommel later in the war and other high ranking commanders want to over throw Adolf Hitler by using a brief case bomb. It only wounded Hitler. There plan was to make peace with the western allies. Later after Hitler found out about who it was Rommel got the news and killed himself so he could save his family.

Douglass MacArthur (United States)

Douglass MacArthur was born on January 26 1880 on a military base when his father was serving in the military. In 1899 MacArthur attend West Point Academy and graduated top of his class. MacArthur served in 3 wars and became a General and was deployed in Vietnam after almost causing a other war President Truman took him out of the battle field.