Middle East Vocabulary Project

Word choice 2

Oil Reservers

Oil reserves is the estimate amount of crude oil in an economic region.

Saudi Arabia has the 2nd highest oil reserves in the world with about 266 billion barrels

Country's with the most oil reserves:

Crude oil

Crude oil is an all natural, unrefined petroleum product made from hydrocarbon deposits

The entire world is dependent on the middle east and other countries for crude oil to make products

Non-renewable resource

A non renewable resource is a resource in limited supply that cannot be made again
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Oil basically fuels the world and we need to be prepared for when it runs out. The UAE already has Solor panels prepared for 2030

non renewable resources


Putting money in something and expecting to get a profit or financial gain
The United states invest a lot of money in oil put the Middle East gets the profit
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The United states profit is kind of the oil