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By Quintin Cowling

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Mother Banished After Foul Deed

An anonymous source provided from Moscow, Russia on July 25, 2000, at 3:13 fairy tale time, that Sasha Reznov’s stepmom, Jillian Woodson, sent Sasha to her sister’s house. Baba Yaga, who was her sister and the witch of the north, was going to give Sasha some fish eggs for Russian Caviar. Jillian Woodson later admitted in Tale Tell Court that she knowingly sent Sasha to her sister’s knowing she was a witch. Witnesses later recall seeing the witch's cat, Fluffy give her a comb and a mirror to throw behind her if she heard Baby Yaga. People claimed they saw a forest and a flowing river appear right before their eyes. Baba Yaga and Jillian Woodson were proven guilty and will be in Fairy County Jail for 20 years. Sasha is staying with other family members.The father Makarov Reznov has pressed charges.

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Halo Reach

My favorite video game is Halo Reach. I like halo reach out of the Halo franchise because you have more gameplay options like fishsticks or for you COD fans the COD GAMER controls default. You get to customize your very spartan for the campaign. You have all new escalation mode or survival. You also get all new spartan armour classification between spartans bio generated human life forms and covenant elites.

A Princess of Mars

Taylor kitche John Carter

Lynne Collins Dejah Thoris

Samantha Morton Sola

Mark Stong Martei Shang

When civil war veteran John Carter saves his friend form a rebellious ban dog apache warriors, he is suddenly transported through time and space onto Mars or to its natives Barsoom. Findin his balance out of whack, He soon learns his bones are denser than the natives so he is light and agile. He can kill a man in a single punch. His strenth and stamina is increased so he can jump five whole stories in the air!

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John Carter - "Mars' Best Friend" Clip


McKenna Evert

Quintin Cowling

In the deep depths of the underwold, there lived siblings by the name of Kashunka and Kansa. Kansa was the evil rival of Kashunka, even though he was her brother. Kashunka had support from many raised and bewildered wolves, also from another warrior by the name of Lord Zachary, a warlock trained in the school of death . Kansa got help from Lord Drake, the elf lord in charge of Valhalla. Kashunka and Lord Zachary traveled to the black marshes to discuss their battle plans for the conquering of Valhalla. They took the battle to Outerlandia. When they got there, the battle started without a warning. Kashunka went searching for Kansa, but couldn't find him. Kashunka finds Kansa in Valhalla.

"You can't stop the fight once it begins," Kashunka tells Kansa.

"Then the fight needs to end," threatens Kansa.

Kansa quickly turns around and destroys Kashunka's shield. Kashunka glares at Kansa and throws her sword into the ground by his feet.

"Do you realize that we can rule our land together?" asks Kashunka.

"I guess you are right," declares Kansa.

Lord Drake and Zachary come to where Kansa and Kashunka are standing.

"No price is high in the name of freedom," states Lord Drake.

Lord Zachary stares at Lord Drake.

"Fight for the death of Lord Drake," says Lord Zachary under his breath.

"You can take his death in your homeland," states Kashunka.

Lord Drake and Zachary bow and leave to their homeland.

What is your favorite singer?

Justin Bieber