Great Expectations

By: Rachel Yuro

Main Characters

Philip Pirrip

Mr. Pumblechook

Estella Orlick

Miss. Havishum

Bentley Drummle

Joe Gargery

Mathew Pocket

Mrs. Joe Gargery


Abel Magwitch

Herbert Pocket

John Wemmick


Mr. Jaggers


Beginning: Pip talks about how his parents and four brothers died and he lives with his sister, Miss. Joe Gargery and her husband, Joe Gargery. Pip's sister treats him and Joe very badly.

Setting: Pip's village called Kent, marsh, church yard, forge, prison Hulk, Satis House, the ruined brewery, the abandoned garden, London, Smithfield Market, Jagger's office, Newgate Prison, Jagger's House, Pip's and Herbert's Lodgings, the Pocket's house, and Wemmick's castle

Theme: Money can't buy you happiness.


The climax of the story were when Pip found out who his benefactor was. That is the main conflict because after Pip figured out that the benefactor was Magwitch it was a major turning point in the story. Pip was far from ecstatic. He tried so many years to get over the guilt of stealing from his sister, but by the end of the book Pip learned to love Magwitch and think of him as a father figure.


The resolution of the book was at the end when Pip and Estella were both at the Satis House's garden trying to move forward from their past and getting everything off their chests. They both left the garden hand in hand showing that everything was resolved and okay.