Jodi Coolidge

Vocational Coordinator

Grandma "Extraordinaire"

Hi, I'm Jodi and yes, I Grandma "Extraordinaire" to three of the most beautiful children in the whole world! I know that all you parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles think your children are the most amazing children in the world, but you're wrong, mine are. :) I have three grown children with their spouses and one son who is in his second year at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. My husband and I, along with our 4 Boston Terriers, 3 cats, two horses and a fish (I bet you thought I was going to say "and a partridge in a pear tree") live in Norfolk, Nebraska on a small acreage.

Vocational Coordinator

This is my third year as the Vocational Coordinator at Norfolk Senior High and I'm working towards my Special Education Endorsement, Mild Moderate 7-12. In the mornings I teach Project SEARCH at Faith Regional Health Services and coordinate two teams of students and job coaches who go out on job sites in the community. In the afternoons I teach Workstations classes and coordinate another team of job site students. I also contact businesses that students work at to assess them for Work Experience credits, and attend junior and senior IEP's that I am able to attend. At times, this can get a little crazy when there is a full moon, a black cat walks across my path, or a dog howls. Ok, I don't believe this at all, but there are times when students exhibit behaviors that I need to take care of.

See, I told you they were gorgeous!


Oregoneon: someone who is from Oregon.

I love going home and seeing all my family, the coast, and the beautiful Cascade Mountains. This is a picture looking out of the Sea Lion Cave on the Oregon Coast, one of my favorite places to visit.