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Gordons life

Gordon Korman was born October,23 1963 in Canada. His writing career started in the 7th grade but he did not publish his first book tell he was a freshman in high school. He now lives in Long Island with his wife and family. When he is not writing he is driving his kids to different events or going to schools and library's to present. Gordon Korman has a degree from New York University with a major in Dramatic and minor film and TV. His writing teacher was the track and field coach. Gordon has been writing for 3 quarters of his life he has wrote more than 80 books that have been copied into more than 32 different languages.

Fun facts

  • In the 6th grade he was nick named the G-man
  • His favorite movie is Monty python and the holy grail
  • He does not have a dog
  • His hobbies are music,traveling,and sports


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