The Decrypted Gazette

By: Cisco Gomez

The Master of Horror

The Master of Horror

By: Cisco Gomez

Has a author ever made you puke by reading a book.Well this author surpasses that and makes things worse for you. He is Darren Shan. Darren's real name is Darren O'shaughney. He was born, Irish on July 2, 1972 in St. Thomas Hospital in London, UK. He started writing during his teenage years. He went too primary school/ Elementary school in Askeaton. When he was seven he then moved to Ireland and went to secondary school/ middle and high school at Copic wood college. He earned his college degree in English and Sociology

He then got married to his girlfriend Bas early in 2013. Before he got married, he won a contest which inspired him to write more.He then wrote many books. After they were published more people wanted to read more and more. Soon he had sold 25 million copies in 29 countries and translated into 31 different languages. He then decided to encourage people through the medium of horror.

All of his book explain how bad racism and violence are. He has his books explore the labyrinth of horror. He also explains the world around us. His books such as The Demonata and Zom-B hit these topics very hard in such ways as the main character in Zom-b, B has a very racist dad who hates a lot of people. Though some of the books don’t hit these topics very hard though he is very famous people say his best series is the Cirque Du Freak/ Saga of Darren Shan.

The RAF Virtual Warzone Simulator

Have you ever been in a virtual reality warzone? Well that’s possible at the Royal Air Force Museum/ RAF. At the RAF you can see a 3-D to 4-D virtual theatre which allows you to see a virtual warzone. Wars that the Air Force have been used in. The Museum was one of the UK's only national museum. One is in London while the other is in Cosford.

There you can play an airplane simulator that allows you to learn the controls of the airplane and have the same feeling as if they were flying in a airplane. You may also walk around the museum. You can see all types of aircrafts from such as the oldest type of air balloon to the most modern type of euro fighter with over a 100 different aircraft in between. Each one of them have their different mysteries story.

Once your bored you can walk around the museum and learn about all the hero's from most wars. If you ever are in the next few years bored you can come during 2018 when they have their 100th year anniversary.

The Top 10 Mystery Games

10.Alan Wake

9. Black Mirror

8. Heavy Rain

7. 7th Guest

6. Phantasmagoria

5. Gemini Rue

4. The Beast Within: a Gabriel Night Mystery

3. LA Noire

2. Harvester

1. Bad Mojo

The New Air Computer

This computer is very different. Imagine a pair of glasses that gives you the ability to search the web with a holographic image create installed right in the glasses. This will then create a computer screen like holograph in the shape of a sphere whenever you want. All at the price of $659.99 all for you.

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