Skellig Michael

World Heritage Site

What Is Skellig Michael?

Skellig Island is a rocky island located about 15 kilometers off of the coast of County Kerry, Ireland. The island is 230 meter high rock with small huts and statues on top where the monks and nuns lived. There are two Skellig Islands. Skellig Michael is the main, larger one. It is a religious complex on a very steeps, sharp, rocky, island. It is sometimes known as Great Skellig, due to its big size. The site was inscribed in 1996. For about 600 years, the site played a big part in religious life for Irish Christian monks or, men who are part of a religious life. This is the only site on the list with so much religious history and meaning.

Why Is Skellig Michael Important?

Skellig Michael is important because it played a big part in Irish Christian religion. The monastic history found in this site, Is not found on any other site. People from all around the world can come to learn about this religion and the monks and nuns who lived there.

What Is Monactism?

Monasticism is when monks and nuns live in a place that is “cut off’ m the rest of the world and people. The people living here are strongly religious and live here due to religious vows. Some of the religions are, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, and other Muslim religions. The monks and nuns choose this island because it is in the middle of the ocean and cut off from the rest of the world.

Is the Island Family Friendly?

This World Heritage Site is good for adults and older kids due to the fact that it is a very steep island with steps quite close to the rocky edge. This makes it easy for younger kids to wander off and get badly hurt. It may be difficult to climb for people with bad backs because there are a lot of steep steps. It may also be difficult to find a nice day to visit on due to the normally rainy Ireland weather.

Buildings on the Island

There are many small huts on the island that were homes to many monks and nuns. There is an oratory which is a small temple made for private worshiping. It is carefully built and seems to be older than the other many buildings. The church on the island is rectangular in shape. They do not know the date of when the church was built, however the earliest evidence found was from the 8th century. St Michael’s church was expanded in the 12th century while the older buildings were kept in repair.

Animal Life on the island

Most of the animal life on the island is made up of many different kinds of birds. There is the Gannet, Puffins, the Arctic Tern, Herring Gull, and the Fulmar. Each one of these birds consist of black, grey, and white coloring.

Skellig Michael: The Fabrication of History