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Another week of excitement for Team 103!

Tuesday, October 13 PRIDE SPIRIT WEEK - Do an Act of Kindness Day - Grade 4 - WEAR




Wednesday, October 14 PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES 4:00-7:00

Thursday, October 15 PTA Bookfair shopping day 9:30

Friday, October 16 NO SCHOOL - NEOEA Day

This Week we're learning:

Writing Workshop - We continue our development as writers as we continue our focus on the arc of our story - the rise and fall of the action.

Literacy - Our Daily 5 schedule is keeping us busy and our reading and word study groups are hard at work. Our focus in reading is on story elements and character development. As we finish our group novels, we will share them with our classmates.

Mathematics - We are beginning our chapter on Whole Number Multiplication and Division. Fluency of multiplication facts will really help! Our Mighty Multipliers program will start soon.

Science - We are completing activity stations using various scientific processes as we develop our skills as scientists and learning to read our textbook for new information.

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Home Hero Connection

Math - 5-10 minutes nightly of basic multiplication fact practice (flashcards, verbal, computer games, etc.) will be a huge help as we start our work on multiplying and dividing larger numbers.

Reading - 20 minutes nightly reading of current AR book. Let your child share what they're reading with you.

Special Note - I am really looking forward to meeting with you this week for conferences. I have a lot of good things to share with you - the most important teacher(s) in my children's lives. A reminder notice will be coming home on Monday.


IT'S SOCKTOBER!!! Please join Kid President and Sterling Morton Student Council as we work together to collect new socks for those in need. With this upcoming cold weather, a nice pair of comfy socks can make a big difference. Please send in a pair or pairs of socks with your child during the month of October. Our MORTON PRIDE shines when we help others!

COMMAND has been contaminated! The evil villian, Common Cold has infiltrated Super Hero Headquarters and even Command has fallen. Command continues to disinfect our desktops every evening, but each hero must rise to the occasion. Please try and stay healthy by eating right, getting good sleep, and wearing a jacket to school. The weather is changing and the students do go outside for recess unless it is raining! We need jackets/hoodies/coats as part of our Super Hero uniform these days.