Park Partner Newsletter

The latest updates for GGNRA Partners August 2013


  • Project Headlands Updates: From Thursday July 18th-Thursday July 25th, please expect short delays due to construction from 8AM-5PM
  • The Marine Mammal center is looking for volunteers for their upcoming event! Come join your fellow partner, meet some animals and give them a hand at this special event!
  • safety news! There have been several reports of mountain lions approaching individuals. Please visit http// for tips if this happens to you!


Tuesday, Aug. 20th 2013 at 11am

Civic Center, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

Come table alongside fellow partners at SF Green Fest!


A Home Away From Homelessness has changed the lives of many children. For those who grow up without a stable home enviornment, this organization provides a secure and supportive enviorment and helps the next generation to break the cycle of homelessness.

Park Partner Quarterly Meeting Recap

At our last meeting we discussed our participation and tabling procedures for the upcoming community festivals. We have recieved confirmation from SF Green Fest, as well as BAAER that our registration is confirmed and we have a table reserved for these events.

We also discussed tips on how to use social media to our advantage and help promote one another by "liking" other partner pages.

As a reminder please don't forget to do the following

  1. -watch cross training video
  2. -like park partner pages on facebook
  3. network amongst your partners and collaborate! :)