The Modern Presidential Libarary

Election of President Kennedy

Took Office: November 9, 1960

Served Through: November 22, 1963

-Was assasinated during his first term

Political Party: Democrat

-Ran against Republican candidate Nixon

-Political Campaign: The New Frontier

-The election was close

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The Cold War


-Anti-communist approach

-Followed Eisenhower's previous plan to support South Vietnam

-Kennedy's belief in the domino theory is what made him believe that if South Vietnam became communist that an increase in states becoming communist would eventually happen.


-Cuban Missle Crisis

-October 1962, America was notified of nuclear missles being built by the Soviets on the island of Cuba

-All meetings were held in secret due to the fact that Kennedy did not wanting either country knowing that the Americans knew about the missles

-America placed a naval blockade and started quarantine to prevent any further cooperation between the two countries

-The American attempt to overthrow Cuba's communist government was known as the Bay of Pigs, and was carried out with the help of US trained Cuban Rebels. This was highly unsuccsesful, and created more tension between the US and the communist Cubans/Russians

Berlin Crisis

-Created a wall that would prevent the crossing over of people from East Berlin to West Berlin

-West Berlin: Democratic

-East Berlin: Republican

-Marked the Iron Curtain

-This Berlin Crisis was one of the final efforts/incidents of the Cold War

-Kennedy showed US acceptance to the wall after meeting with Kruschev on June 4, 1961

-CONSTRUCTION OF THE BERLIN WALL- barbed wire and concrete that lined the Iron Curtain

Flexible Response- Kennedy's defense strategy in 1961, planned to use troops and weapons to fight a limited war that would not involve nuclear warfare.

Kennedy and Civil Rights

-JFK gained the black population's vote when he promised to pass civil rights legislation
-In 1960, groups of Freedom Riders spread out across the South to end segregation
-Kennedy family and King family (Martin Luther King Jr.) (ID) had a good relationship
-SNCC & other civil rights groups inaugurated a Voter Education Project to register the South's historically disfranchised blacks
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Kennedy's Assasination

-Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas
-Kennedy was shot by a sniper while riding in a convertible in a parade with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, Texas Governor Connally, and Connally's wife Nellie Connaly
-Lee Harvey Oswald was the assinator
-Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby before Oswald even took trial for the assasination
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