Samuel Slater

The man of manufactoring.

Samuel, Is or Is He Not?

Samuel Slater was a skilled British manufacturer who disguised himself as farmer and immigrated to the U.S.. Great Britain had a booming production in the field of manufacturing But, to protect there business they had made it illegal for skilled mechanics or machine plans to leave the country. So Samuel Slater immigrated tot the U.S. after carefully memorizing the designs of textile mill machines. He wanted to help the U.S. manufacturing, he claimed that he could improve the way textiles were made. He was approved by a textile business man who had owned a his own business in New England, named Moses Brown. Him ans Brown's son, Smith Brown later went into business together. In 1793 they opened their first mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. In 1798 Slater formed his own company to build a mill. He also developed the Rhode island system - which was his strategy of hiring families and dividing the work into small tasks. By time he died in 1835, he owned all or part of 13 textile mills. Samuel Slater was a very successful man in that time along with his business.

Did You Know?

Can You Believe This?

  • In 1700 the world population was 700 million.
  • In 1718 Samuel Johnson published the Dictionary of the English language; Edward Scarlett a London optician, put arms on glasses to hold them on the ears; Franz Anton Ketterer invented the cuckoo clock.
  • In 1749 Harrison invented the marine chronometer.
  • In 1751 a Belgium creates the roller skates, by replacing the blades of ice skates with wheels
  • In 1755 the US Postal Services was established.
  • In 1756 John Smeaton invents hydraulic cement.
  • In In 1760 Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocal spectacles.
  • In 1758 Johan Dolland invents a chromatic lens.