Chemistry of life

andrew lorenz


  • water is imporent for all of life to have.
  • it is made up of H2o, Hydorgen oxeygen.
  • water is important to the eviorment because of th water cycale.
  • it can be a solid, liquid, and gas.
  • water can freeze and boil.
  • water has a lot of uses you can drink it, water plants with it and make energy.
  • a dam is use for useing water to make energy.


  • are large biological molecules.
  • they are responsible for thousands of processes that sustain life.
  • they are a protein.
  • they are a catalysts that drive a chemical reaction to occur.
  • without them the reaction would take a vary long time to go to reaction.


  • large molecules.
  • they make up life.
  • they are crated by polymerization.
  • they also have a large number of atoms.
  • protein
  • nucleic acid
  • synthetic polymer are some of the atoms.


  • large biological molecule.
  • they are in bred and pastas.
  • it consists of:
  • carbon.
  • hydrogen.
  • oxygen.
  • they also in cake, candy, milk, fruits, and vegetables.


  • proteins are macromolecules.
  • they are in meats and nuts.
  • they help your hair nails blood.
  • and a lot of other parts in your body.
  • fish are also proteins.


Lipids are macromolecules.

they are large