Stephen Curry Interview

Interviewer: Birdman

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Stephen Curry^^^

Interview done: May 12th, 2016

Birdman: "Was there any pressure on you trying to make it to the NBA if so, why?"

Curry: "Absolutely, due to the fact the my Dad (Dell Curry) was in the NBA for 15 years.

Birdman: So would you say you come from a athletic family?"

Curry: "Oh, most definitely. Most people don't know my Mom played Division 1 volleyball and my brother (Seth) is the NBA as well."

Birdman: "Were you highly scouted coming out of high school?"

Curry: "I would have to say no, I only had 1 full ride for a Division 1 school and I felt it just put a chip on my shoulder to do better."

Birdman: "Why do you think you weren't look at in high school?"

Curry: "I believe it was due to my size, as a Sophmore I was only 5'6'' only weighing 125 pounds."

Birdman: "Moving on, you recently won back to back MVP titles how does it feel?"

Curry: "It feels amazing but if it weren't for my team and coaching staff I don't know where I would be."

Birdman: "Speaking of team, your team just broke the record for best reguar season record in NBA history. With you no doubt being the leader do you feel more responsible?"

Curry: "To a certain extent yes, but it's not a one man show I feel like it takes a team to win 73 games, not just a certain person."

Birdman: "What can we see coming in to the 2016-2017 Basketball season?"

Curry: "I don't like to jump ahead, we need to take it one step at a time and most impotantly go back to back for the NBA title, and then worry about next season."

Birdman: "Thank you for your time"

Curry: "No problem."