By: Elizabeth Zdenovec

Description- Riley Quinn

Riley Quinn was born with only one forearm, he had a nub on the other arm. But, Riley found an interest in sports and still wanted to play, it was clear that Riley's birth defect would not slow him down. Riley wasn't going to give up and yield; he was going to muster! With the support of his teammates and his coach, Riley was encouraged to keep on playing. Riley eventually got a full football scholarship. To conclude, Riley Quinn is a great example of perseverance he kept on going with life; as if he never had a birth defect.

Cause/ Effect- Malala Yousafzai

To begin, the cause of an adversity Malala had was that; Malala and a lot of innocent girls didn't have rights in Pakistan. They weren't allowed to go to school and have an education, only boys were allowed to. Malala found this very unfair, and decided to take a stand. The first effect is, Malala started giving motivational speeches about women rights in Pakistan, she had a conviction that girls would eventually get equal rights. The second effect is, a lot of people were amazed by Malala's eloquent reasons to get education for girls in Taliban. So, because of all of Malala's supporters she won "Pakistan's youth National peace prize." This was a huge honor for Malala and her family. The third effect is, the Taliban gunmen were threatening to shoot Malala. Later on, one of the Taliban gunmen followed Malala on the train and shot her on the left side of her head. They shot her because of the triumph she was receiving from her supporters. The fourth effect is, after all of Malala's work, she received a Nobel peace prize Award at the age of 17 for standing up for children's education. Malala was the youngest person to win a Nobel peace prize. The final effect is, Malala is still combative for children's rights for education. Also, she is interviewed quite often because she is very well-known now. She has many more supporters, because she was on National television for a good cause.

Problem/ Solution- Zion Shaver

The problem, or adversity Zion Shaver had was being born without legs. Then, his mother abandoned him because she didn't want to deal with his disability. This left Zion having to go to multiple orphanages, and foster homes. But, Zion still believed he could overcome his disability and wrestle. First, Zion started wrestling for fun, but then he was actually really good at it. The people who competed against Zion never tried to go easy on him. Secondly, Zion made multiple friends when he started wrestling, some people doubted him but Zion proved them wrong. Thirdly, Zion's coach inspired him to keep wrestling, even if its a struggle to. On the website ESPN, it says "When I was struggling earlier this season, he got me to push myself harder to get the outcome I wanted in my matches." Next, Zion's adopted mother, Kimberly Hawks give him hope to keep achieving his goals. Also, on the website ESPN it says "Zion is an over comer, and an inspiration to many." She also said they have an unique bond. Finally, Zion responded to his disability by wrestling. And, to keep overcoming his goals to become and better wrestler. As Kimberly said, that Zion is an inspiration, it's very true his perseverance motivates people to achieve their goals too.

My Personal Definition of Perseverance

My definition of perseverance is; to keep on going, even though you know it will be a struggle to do so. You will have to find a different way to achieve your goal, and have success. Most people cannot be described with the noun perseverance, because it's hard to keep persevering. Also, another one of my definitions for perseverance is- despite the discourage, difficulties, or struggles you still decide to keep on persevering, to eventually reach your triumph.

Lessons Learned From Perseverance

The first thought that came to my mind was the read aloud book about Gerda Wiseman. This book has really taught me a lot about persevering, Gerda is a huge inspiration to me. She had to keep on going with not even knowing if her mom, dad, or brother were alright. I believe Gerda is the best example of someone using perseverance. Then, my book club book, Orphan Train is also a great example of using perseverance. The main character is Lee- and he starts out in an orphanage with his 2 brothers, Leo and Gerald. Their mother passed away and their father gave them up, this is how it all started for Lee's journey. Later on, they ended up on an orphan train and got adopted by different families. Lee didn't like the idea of this at all, but he had to keep on going with life. These book taught me the true meaning of what perseverance is.