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Winston Churchill, a Man of Perseverance!

Winston Churchill is a famous and inspirational historical figure. He was born in 1874 in Great Britain. His childhood was marked by loneliness. His parents were not around while Churchill was growing up. His nanny was more of a mother to him than his own mother was. Throughout his life he has shown that he is smart, hard working, and a leader. For example, he graduated at the top of his class at Harrow School even though he was not always an excellent student. He worked hard for that spot at the top. He also has shown throughout his career to have worked very diligently for his country. In his lifetime, he has held a number of different jobs such as war correspondent, soldier, and a member of Parliament. However, he is best known for serving two separate terms as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. During this time, Churchill spent much time leading his country through World War II. He ensured that Great Britain was supported throughout the war. Even though World War II had its ups and downs, Churchill always spoke to his people about looking at the good things that are happening and pushing through the bad times. Winston Churchill once said, “But we must learn to be equally good at what is short and sharp and what is long and tough…” From this quote, we know that Churchill is a man of great patience and wisdom. It is true that whether a task is easy or very difficult, we must stick with it and never give up. There is much to be learned by listening to the wise words of Winston Churchill. Since his death in 1965, he has been a source of inspiration to all.

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