Space Missions Post 1900

NASA Viking Missions

what all the Viking looked like

Viking 1

When Viking 1 went launched at Cape Canaveral, Florida, US, its mission was to see what its like on Mars. Viking 1 was the first sucsessful thing to land on Mars. It mannaged to get into Mars atmoshpere on the 19th June, 1976. After that, Viking 1 kept on coming back daily (then eventully weekly) gathering more samples and weather reports. Then Viking shut down on 7 August 1980 because it wasn't as good as it was before.

Viking 2

Viking 2 was lanched into Mars on the 19 September 1975 . When it landed on Mars it landed 6,460 kilometres from the Viking 1s landing site. But unlike Viking 1, Viking 2 found signs of life on Mars by finding polar ice caps on it which ment that there was water on Mars so there must of been life on Mars.

Viking A

Viking A was launched about a year after Viking 2 launched into space. Its job was to send photograhs back to Earth. It helped us discover one of Mars moons, Deimos in May, 1977.

Viking B

Viking B had a simalar experiance to Viking 1

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