La Sagrada Familia

By: Javier Luna

Name and Location

Antoni Gaudi's building, La Sagrada de Familia is located in barcelona

description of building

la Sagrada de Familia is a large roman church made from gypsum, plaster, and stone which is also incomplete due to its major setbacks and has been projected to be complete by 2026

Year built and length of construction

was built in 1882 and has not been completely done but will be by 2026

architectual style

Spanish gothic


Art nouveau


1882- construction begins

1926- death of Antonio Gaudy
1936-1939- Spanish civil war

Construction slowly begins


La Sagrada de Familia had two major setbacks that both lead to slow progress and less construction. The initial architect had died when less than a quarter of the structure was even built. Also during the construction the Spanish civil war took place and stopped construction for years