Stay in Drugs, Eat your school and don't do vegetables

We have the best Economy there is to Offer.

In the little country of Rubenopolis we have the market economy where the goods and services that YOU need are supplied by the government, but demanded by YOU.

The Benefits

The benefits our economic system is that treats you the way you want it to treat, if you want more of a specific item then you'll get more of that item and less of the others, it's all up to you! You can even get better health, we promote social good, and we define equality!

The Facts of Capitalism


It's an Economy where the goods and services are produced by demand. Capitalism is by far the most democratic economy and here, in Rubenopolis, we try our hardest to be a Democracy. We can provide better health for you, everybody is equal, nobody is discriminated.
Why Capitalism Works


Some people say that there can be inequality between the different companies but it is in fact the hard working companies that achieve the most to become a top company, and that creates rivalry to get a diverse and complex systems of multiple companies.


We want to succeed here in Rubenopolis but we also want to help you.and the only way to help ourselves is to help you, our citizens, and we'd love to do that, our main priority is to keep you happy, safe, and healthy.